Organic Cocoa Products Cocoa

N2 Ingredients offers the highest quality certified organic cocoa products including cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, chocolate chips, alkalized and natural cocoa powders and couvertures. All of our cocoa products are versatile and easily used in a wide range of applications and food processes.


Available in both natural and alkalized (Dutch process), N2 Ingredients offers two fat levels of Cocoa Powder -- 10 and 20%. More soluble and darker in colour, Alkalized Coca Powder is more robust in taste and has a neutral to alkaline pH.

Low fat Cocoa Powder is 10 to 12% cocoa butter and appropriate for baked goods, beverages (dairy and soy-based) and ice-cream.

High fat Cocoa Powder is 20 to 22% cocoa butter, richer in flavor and best-suited to premium product applications.

Organic Black Cocoa Powder (pH 8) is also available.


Cocoa Nibs are made by both roasting and breaking the cocoa beans. Once cleaned and calibrated the Cocoa Nibs can be used as a crunchy ingredient in baking processes and other food applications.


Cocoa Liquor is comprised of 51-53% cocoa butter and 47-49% solids and made by finely grinding roasted cocoa beans until they are a smooth, liquid state. Once cooled, it can be used in various forms including blocks and wafers.


A cream-coloured natural by-product of cocoa liquor, Cocoa Butter is marketable in both natural and deodorized versions. With multiple applications, Cocoa Butter can be used in food manufacturing as well as the cosmetics and body care industries.


N2 Ingredients offers a variety of cocoa-solid content couvertures for coating bars, cookies and finished chocolates. N2 Ingredients sources full containers of single origin organic cocoa beans by special order.