*NEW* Sprouted Flours, Grains, and Legumes!

N2 Ingredients is proud to announce our new complete line of true sprout certified sprouted ingredients. Discover new possibilities for your baked products - improved taste, vitamins and digestion. Sprouted products are the future of baking, stay ahead of your competition and check out sprouted flours today!


*NEW* Customizable Peanut Products!

Whole, split, or chopped peanuts, peanut flour, peanut oil and peanut butter have been included in our ingredient list. Customize color, degree of roast, viscosity, mouth feel, sweetness, saltiness, and grittiness to meet your requirements. View our ingredients on the left, and check out our latest newsletter here:


N2 Ingredients February 2014 Newsletter: Peanut Products


Have you replaced Silicon Dioxide in your Organic products?

Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is being restricted in Organics and will affect your company by Nov. 3, 2014. N2 Ingredients is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Nu-FLOW SiO2 replacer; view product here. Also, please have a look at our our January Newsletter for detailed information:


N2 Ingredients January 2014 Newsletter

National Organic Standards Board SiO2 Restriction Ruling for Nov. 3, 2014:!documentDetail;D=AMS-NOP-12-0016-0045


View the N2 Ingredients Fall 2013 Newsletter

N2 offers industrial quantities of Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Preservative Free, and All Natural ingredients to the Canadian and U.S. markets. We have some exciting announcements and new ingredients to offer, please view our fall newsletter for more information:


N2 Ingredients Fall 2013 Newsletter


N2 Ingredients makes the profit 500 list for 2013

N2 ingredients has been rapidly growing over the past few years and we are recognized as the 410th fastest growing company in Canada for 2013. We are continuing to expand our business and contacts and are always welcoming new opportunities. The popularity of the gluten-free market has been steadily increasing and we are here to meet all your gluten-free ingredient needs.


We are officially BRC Food Certified

BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification is the highest food-safety standard in the world; we prepared for the internal audit for 6 months and it was very thorough. The inspection lasted several days and every corner of our facility and production process was analyzed. Our extensive preparation was essential to our success and we are pleased to say our ingredients are of the highest quality and safety available to you.


N2 Ingredients celebrates Organic Week 2013

N2 ingredients is proud to celebrate Organic Week 2013, "the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products across the country."
N2 ingredients has provided Canadian food manufacturers Certified Organic ingredients from around the world for almost ten years. N2 Ingredients is a BRC Certified plant, developing and producing Certified Organic gluten-free products for the market with the highest quality food safety standard available.
Join us in the celebration of Organic Week 2013 and the route to good health and happiness!


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